Different Curls For Different Girls

Different Curls For Different Girls

“Beauty is in the eye of the beholder” and here at Hardin Beauty we believe everyone is beautiful in their own unique way. As a lash artist, it’s your job to figure out how to create the most flattering set of lash extensions for each client. Here are our favorite looks for eight different eye shapes:

Deep set and hooded - These eye shapes are very similar and it’s best to use longer lengths with a softer curl to make those eyes pop. We recommend C curl for these eye shapes.

Monolid - For this eye shape we recommend L+ curl and always do volume. These eyes normally have extremely fine lashes and it’s best to keep shorter lengths on the inner and outer corners.

Prominent - For prominent eyes, we recommend shorter lengths and a dramatic curl such as a D curl. Some clients always want the length and drama but for prominent eyes the drama comes from the D curl and even though there’s shorter lengths the drama is still there.

Downturned - We want to lift these eyes up! For downturned eyes you’ll want to start with a CC curl for ¾ of the eye then at the outer corners transition to a D curl to life the outside up, they’ll see a difference immediately.

Close set - For these eyes, it’ll be the opposite of what you do for downturned eyes. It’s best to use longer lengths on the outer corners but use a D curl for ¾ of the eye and end with a CC curl for the last quarter of the outer corners.

Almond - Almond eyes make it easy, you can use any curl or length, as long as the natural lash can handle it.

Wide set - For wide set eyes use a longer length in the middle and the keep the outer corners short. For these eyes any curl will do, a motto we have at Borboleta is “when in doubt, C it out.”

Although we sometimes wish figuring out eye shapes was this easy and that everyone fell into one of these categories, most clients fall under more than one shape. We always encourage lash artists to use different lash lengths and curls to create the shape you, and the client, want.

Interested in learning more about how to choose the best lash look for your clients? Attend one of our courses  and learn all the ins and outs of lashing. And if you’re unsure of your eye shape or which look would be best for you, Contact Me and i'll be sure to give you the best look for your eyes.

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